Ophiuchus Traits Seem Positive

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 14, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO (GaeaTimes.com)- With the addition of the thirteenth zodiac, namely Ophiuchus, the signs of many people have been altered. With that, people are wondering, what are the generic traits of this particular sign, that has reportedly been incorporated in the twelfth position of the system, shifting Sagittarius to the 13th position.

All those who are born within Nov. 29 and Dec. 17, belong to this sign. The main traits of Ophiuchus are, intense crave for more wisdom and knowledge. They love sporting bright colors and love dressing in a very flamboyant way. Since these people are blessed with the capability of moving fast in life and being successful early, they are often envied by people. The higher authorities count upon these dependable people. They are the interpreters of dreams, who even know how to materialize them with their knowledge and creativity. Ophiuchus people know how to attract good luck and are inherently blessed. They love propounding peace and harmony. However, they are perhaps the only curer amongst all the zodiac signs, as they have the imbibed desire of healing the ills in their own way. However, most of these people, despite having blessed with a very large family, are estranged from them due to the pressure of the circumstances, often in the earlier part of their life. Ophiuchus people also have the ability to get benefited and learn from hard times.

Those who now fall under Ophiuchus, are often benefited by number 12, that holds a good significance in their life. Most of the Ophiuchus traits, are positive and pleasant in nature. However, this new alignment in the zodiac system is not being warmly received by all as many people rigidly believe that all of a sudden, a new zodiac sign cannot alter human nature and reshuffle its traits.

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