The Islamic fanaticism nurtured by powerful sections of the Pakistani establishment has begun devouring the country itself. The original purpose of encouraging and using such psychotic elements against India has, therefore, been turned on its head.
MOSCOW - Terming parenting "a super serious matter", Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said prospective foster parents should undergo mandatory training.
LOS ANGELES - The US has a new rags-to-riches hero - a homeless man who has been inundated with job offers after a video of him went viral this week.
WASHINGTON - The US has relocated a "handful" of individuals who could have been exposed to retribution or other dangers because of the WikiLeaks release of secret diplomatic cables, the State Department said Friday.
AMSTERDAM - The Dutch government Friday agreed on a new mission in Afghanistan to provide training to security forces and help in building up the country's police and justice organs.
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