MUMBAI - Former IAS officer Subhash Lalla has resigned as a member of Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission following allegations of his involvement in the Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society scam.
LONDON - The US Navy has launched an investigation after it emerged that a senior officer aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier had made a series of raunchy videos and then shown them to his crew.
WASHINGTON - Nadya Suleman, who earned herself the nickname Octomom after she gave birth to octuplets, has not been evicted from her home as yet.
WASHINGTON - A 7.2 magnitude earthquake has been detected in the Pacific near the central coast of Chile, US authorities have said.
WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama has reportedly signed into law a bill to compensate emergency workers who fell ill following rescue and clean-up efforts during the 9/11 attacks on New York City.
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