Jerry Brown Steals The Show

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OAKLAND ( Democrat candidate Jerry Brown salvaged some pride for his party in the elections that have seriously tilted towards the Republicans. The former governor won the governorship against Meg Whitman in what was a highly unpredictable contest. The announcement of the results were made in an elaborate rally where Jerry Brown claimed that he was going back to the senate and the public knew that he had the know how and the experience. Jerry Brown will take over as the governor in a state, which is plagued by budget deficits as large as $19 billion, from Arnold Schwarzenegger who saw a huge decline in popularity for the economic decisions.

Jerry Brown said that he wanted to see an end to the divide between Sacramento and Washington DC. He also said that he wanted to seen California as a leader in the field of renewable energy and education. He added that he took up the challenge of forging a common purpose and that it was not based on compromise but the vision of what California can be.

Jerry Brown is presently the state’s attorney general and had also served as the governor back in 1975 till 1983. Returning to the governors chair after decades, the Democrat said that he chose the Fox Theater for his winning rally because it too had undergone renaissance after 30 years. Experts say that his path ahead is a tough one as he will be required to present a budget within 6 days of him being sworn in on January 3. His competitor Meg Whitman said that she disappointed at the results and added that she was proud of her campaign.

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