Daredevilry at Rajpath: 35 men on one bike!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NEW DELHI - The Dare Devils of the army revved up their bikes at the Republic Day parade Wednesday and showed why they had five world records to their credit. Their stunning stunts included a 35-man human pyramid on a single motorcycle!

Over 100 Indian Army signalmen displayed breathtaking daredevilry on their well-tuned motorcycles at the Rajpath boulevard, raising the adrenaline flow of spectators, who couldn’t stop themselves from shouting with enthusiasm.

Many held their breath as 35 of the men from the Corps of Signals formed a human pyramid on a single motorcycle - one of them carrying the national flag. The crowds spontaneously saluted the men!

People craned their necks to see Captain Ankur Deewan, who led the team, standing on a running motorcycle for more than half a kilometre.

As an announcement was heard asking people not to imitate the act as the Delhi traffic cops would levy a fine, the crowd burst into laughter. Delhi policemen men in the security wing also smiled.

The team is 45 years old. With five world records to their credit and six in the Limca Book of Records, the team has performed over 1,200 displays since 1965.

Among the first stunts to be showcased by the team, dressed in white and astride Enfield Bullet bikes, was the “Rocket” formation which saw four signalmen on two motorcycles in a breathtaking display.

There was complete silence when 22 daredevils in lotus structure rode on two bikes.

It was daredevilry at its best.

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