Army’s Dare Devils display spell-binding two-wheeler stunts

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NEW DELHI - Over 100 Indian Army signalmen displayed breathtaking daredevilry on their well-tuned motorcycles on the capital’s main thoroughfare, raising the adrenaline flow of thousands watching the Republic Day parade Wednesday.

The men from the Corps of Signals, in keeping with their motto of being swift and vigilant, displayed a series of stunning stunts, including a 35-man human pyramid on a single motorcycle on the Rajpath boulevard to mark the culmination of the day’s parade.

The team, aptly named Dare Devils, is 45 years old. With five world records to their credit and six in the Limca Book of Records, the team has performed over 1,200 displays since 1965.

Among the first stunts to be showcased by the team, led by Captain Ankur Deewan, on their Enfield Bullets was the “Rocket” with four signalmen on two motorcycles in a display depicting the dedication and courage of the Corps of Signals.

“Shatrujeet”, a trademark stunt comprising eight men on two motorcycles to display their fearlessness followed and soon came the “Fighter,” resembling three combat aircraft, performed by 17 signalmen on three two-wheelers.

Among the other fascinating Dare Devil stunts were a flight of birds, the lotus flower and Mercury or Jimmy, the Corps of Signal’s emblem.

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