Israeli soldier filmed humiliating female Palestinian detainee on video

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JERUSALEM - The Israeli military has claimed that it is investigating a video filmed by soldiers that shows a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian woman being humiliated by an Israeli soldier.

According to Sky News, a mobile phone clip shows a male soldier performing an Arab dance around a handcuffed and blindfolded female detainee, who appeared to stand still and silent.

The video clip, which is uploaded in the social networking sites like Youtube and Facebook, also includes a Hebrew speech superimposed onto the woman, with the words: “Allahu Akbar”, meaning “God is greatest” in Arabic.

Although an Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) statement said that it has launched an investigation into the matter, it also claimed that “the videos are isolated cases that do not represent the IDF as a whole”.

“The IDF denounces actions such as those depicted on the video and continues to make every effort to eliminate such behaviour via briefings to soldiers, directives to officers, military orders, and punishment when necessary,” the statement said.

“Our soldiers are held to ethical standards set forth by the IDF code of ethics, which they are taught time and again from basic training to the most senior command courses. The videos are isolated cases that do not represent the IDF as a whole,” it added.

In August, another soldier, Eden Abergil, created controversy by posting on Facebook pictures of herself posing and laughing in front of bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainees.

She was condemned worldwide for humiliating the prisoners, but in media interviews, she refused to admit she had done anything wrong. (ANI)

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