New NHS video to encourage teen to use condoms branded pornographic

Sunday, November 14, 2010

LONDON - The National Health Service in Britain has come under fire over a video, which was designed to encourage youngsters to use contraception.

Outraged parents say the video is pornographic.

‘Condom, no condom?’, uploaded on Youtube, are several short videos modelled on a UK controversial teen drama ‘Skins’ and shows the consequences of using or not using a condom.

But the graphic clips show a young couple having unprotected sex in various positions while the hand held camera records the action, reports the Daily Mail.

Outraged YouTube viewers have flagged one of the videos as ‘inappropriate’ - meaning only users who are over 18 can watch the clips.

The interactive video is promoted on the NHS website and is expected to be circulated virally online and used by teachers.

The style of filming is similar to ‘Skins’, in which youngsters regularly have casual sex, and to that used by amateur pornographers.

The videos follow a group of young party-goers and their choices to whether or not to choose a condom during sex.

It also portrays the consequences of the decision, including sexually transmitted infections and rejection by a partner.

Campaigners have complained that at no point in the videos are teenagers advised that abstinence is the ‘right option’ to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Norman Wells, the director of the Family and Education Trust, said the NHS should not be sending out the message that casual sex ‘leaves no regrets’.

“It is grossly irresponsible of the NHS to present a graphic portrayal of unbridled lust in which a young woman is depicted as no more that a sex object and then to tell young men that they have ”made the right choices’ simply because they have used a condom,” he said.

Vivienne Pattisson, the director of Mediawatch, said she was concerned that there were no effective controls to prevent children from watching the clips.

Rachel Drummond-Hay, who produced the video, said that a friend’s 15-year-old daughter ‘loved’ the film and that it was intended to be ‘titillating rather than pornographic’. (ANI)

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