Queen’s Facebook page filled with abusive comments

Friday, November 12, 2010

SYDNEY - The Facebook page of Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family has been littered with abusive comments, and Camilla and Charles have become the targets of inappropriate posts, a media report said Friday.

Most of the abusive posts, however, have been deleted and the site’s moderators have warned against inappropriate content on the landing page.

The page was launched Nov 8 as an accompaniment to the British royal family’s Twitter and Flickr accounts. While over 220,000 people have “liked” the page, the 28 photo albums have attracted abusive and inappropriate posts.

“The uglys day out,” wrote one user named Silas Headbanger. Another user, Aled Jones, said he was “ashamed” to be British.

“…this outdated institution is a sham and is costing us a fortune, get a job, pay your taxes and be productive,” Jones posted on the page, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The royal family has over 75,500 followers on Twitter and uploads new photos to its Flickr account on a daily basis. It also has a channel on YouTube.

However, it was easier to manage Twitter and Flickr accounts because they were less interactive, Australian social media strategist James Griffin said.

Griffin, from social media intelligence and risk management firm SR7, said the royal family should consider devoting a staff member to monitoring the comments full time.

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