Propose Day Celebrated With Pomp

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KOLKATA, INDIA ( Today is the second day of the Valentine’s week, which is better knows as the Propose Day. Just six days before the Valentine’s Day celebration, young lovers are making full use of this day to woo their beloved person. Although some of them perhaps did that with a red rose yesterday, most of them, especially those in Kolkata, have been waiting for February 8, as the city is also celebrating the Saraswati Puja today, which is regarded as a holiday for the State.

By default, the youngsters of the city of joy have bagged the most Romantic holiday of the year. With the festive mood, there comes more love in the air. Some of the leading gift stores in the city, like Archie’s Gallery and Hallmark, are witnessing gangs of youngsters, flocking towards the shop, to buy their share of gifts for their loved ones. The sale has intensified even more because most of them are having a holiday today, because of the Saraswati Puja. They have three reasons to celebrate today, the propose Day, the Puja and of-course the much awaited Valentine’s Day, the next week. A shop keeper said that their business is on a roll, since they opened the store in the morning. Even yesterday, the sale was quite impressive.

According to the sources, the thing that is selling the most on Propose Day, are chocolates, since tomorrow is the most tempting Chocolate Day of this very special Valentine Week. Chocolates of all sorts and varieties, especially the unbranded designer chocolates in Archie’s Gallery, are selling the maximum today. Intense sell of chocolates are followed by the consumption of greeting cards, soft toys and jewelries in most of the gift stores.

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