Despite having visited many places from Suez to Bali that showed the influence of Indian culture and cuisine, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the depth of India's impact on a few islands located in the Pacific Ocean. On my recent Air Pacific flight from Sydney to Nadi in Fiji, the friendly airhostess brought a tray of drinks and a bowl of besan ke sev, a popular savoury in India. It was a reminder that the distance of 13,000 km did not prevent the commencement of links with India in the 19th century, which continue to flourish even today.
MELBOURNE - A 25-year-old Indian man has been jailed for a maximum of five years for killing three-year-old toddler Gurshan Singh Channa, whose body was found near Melbourne Airport in last March.
LONDON - In order to get graduates to apply for jobs, a firm in Britain is giving away free iPads to all those who secure an interview, whether they get a final call back or not.
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