Neo-nazis dominate German village where Hitler is still considered Fuehrer

Monday, February 7, 2011

MOSCOW - Adolf Hitler might have died many years back, but his legacy is continuing in one of the villages in Germany where people still ‘heil’ the nazi leader chanting “Hitler is my Fuehrer”.

Jamel is the village that represents the “most extreme manifestation of a chilling phenomenon in the former communist East Germany: a creeping encroachment of neo-Nazism” that has given Germany’s biggest far-right party, NPD, seats in parliament, The Scotsman reports.

Wooden signposts by the main road in the village point to Vienna, Paris, and Braunau am Inn, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.

The residents of the village say that every few months, locals host outdoor parties where guests sing “Hitler is my Fuehrer” to chants of “Heil” around a massive bonfire.

“They sit around the bonfire and sing these songs - ‘Adolf Hitler is mein Fuehrer’ they sing - they call out ‘heil’ - there are sometimes as many as 300 right extremists at these parties,” one of the residents said.

Neo-Nazis take advantage of the high unemployment rate and few opportunities to impose their views. The fact that foreigners make up a tiny fraction of the population in these towns helps reinforce stereotypes, the paper said.

Yet the neo-Nazis are also very careful and do not break strict German laws against Nazi support, it added (ANI)

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