It’s official! Oswals are not coming back to Australia

Sunday, January 16, 2011

PERTH - Fertiliser tycoons Pankaj and Radhika Oswal confirmed that they will not come back to Australia, as removalists moved in to pack up their elite Dalkeith home on Sunday morning.

The news comes after weeks of rumours that the family, known for their lavish parties and outspoken support of vegetarianism, had fled the country following the collapse of their fertiliser empire Burrup Fertilisers, reports Perth Now.

Burrup Fertilisers CMD Oswal said in an email statement that after intense public scrutiny and its effects on their two daughters the couple had decided not to return.

“We are leaving Australia. The level of public scrutiny is simply too upsetting for our youngest daughter who attends school in Perth,” he said.

“We are for the time being residing in New Delhi whilst we consider our future in light of the pending sale of 100 percent of the extremely profitable Burrup Fertiliser business,” he added.

Four removal trucks from Kent International Movers arrived at the exclusive Philip Road property at 6 a.m. with up to 10 removalists working overtime to load dozens of boxes and wooden packing crates.

By 7.45 am, more than 400 items marked with the destination of Dubai had been packed into three trucks.

Another truck carrying a shipping container collected the final load, which was driven away just after 10 a.m.

Oswal said the contents of the family’s Dalkeith home would be shipped through Dubai as a ‘transit point’.

“We have many interests in Asia and the Middle East so a relocation to Dubai is strategically on the cards. We will make an announcement when our plans are finalised,” he said.

The removalist move comes five days after the Oswals released a statement last Monday, saying they were uncertain about their future in Perth.

Meanwhile, Oswals’ spokesman Chris Codrington said he had no knowledge of the removalist job or the family’s plans to move to the UAE (ANI)

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