Gordon Brown weak, unstable: US diplomats told Obama

Sunday, November 28, 2010

LONDON - US diplomats had described Britain’s former prime minister Gordon Brown and his government as weak and unstable in secret briefings to US President Barack Obama, which could be revealed in Wikileaks’ latest disclosures, a media report said.

Daily Express Sunday quoted Downing Street sources as saying that the imminent release of diplomatic files by the WikiLeaks website would prove highly embarrassing to Brown.

The files are believed to contain damaging assessments of Browns character and leadership skills and of the stability of the government he led.

US ambassador Louis Susman has spoken to British officials about the likely contents of the files that date from 2008 until early this year.

The explosive files are also believed to contain thoughts about both David Cameron and Nick Clegg while they were opposition leaders.

We dont think there will be much about the coalition government. There might be some slightly embarrassing things about David Camerons time in opposition but it will be nothing compared with what was said about Brown.

The diplomatic cables were more about Labour. Brown was seen as paranoid and weak and unstable. These files are going to be embarrassing for him, the Downing Street source was quoted as saying.

US State Department officials are concerned that the release of such sensitive files could damage relations with their allies, the media report said.

WikiLeaks is expected to release millions of assessments of foreign leaders and foreign policies.

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