Barack Obama

Christmas Of President Barack Obama
HONOLULU ( While the world is gearing up for celebrating Christmas and the new year, Barack Obama the president of USA has plans to stay far from the madding crowd and spend some quiet days with his family members.

WASHINGTON - Republican senator from Arizona John McCain, who lost to Barack Obama during the presidential polls in 2008, has praised his former running mate Sarah Palin and compared her to Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States.

LONDON - China has reportedly called for an emergency meeting of key nations amid high tension in the Korean peninsula over North Korea's shelling of a South Korea island.

LONDON - US diplomats had described Britain's former prime minister Gordon Brown and his government as weak and unstable in secret briefings to US President Barack Obama, which could be revealed in Wikileaks' latest disclosures, a media report said.

LONDON - The United States and South Korea have begun a four-day joint military exercise in the waters off the Korean coast.
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