Tacky souvenirs to go on sale in UK after Will and Kate’s engagement!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LONDON - Shop owners in the UK are geared up for what could be a Royal wedding-inspired boom just days after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement.

So much so, despite being wrought by financial crunch, the UK markets may experience an economic boost of 620million pounds through sales of merchandise and tourism simply due to the much awaited wedding next year, reports The Daily Mail.

Plates and mugs similar to those produced during the wedding of William’s father to Lady Diana Spencer - have been rushed onto the market. On Ebay, a raft of items from T-shirts to thimbles and keyrings featuring the pair are up for sale.

Asda was one of the fastest to rush out products, with souvenir mugs of the couple and the date of their engagement in store from today.

“Kate and Wills are the nation’s sweethearts and shoppers have said they would love to buy a piece of history while doing their shop,” said a spokesman.

Aynsley China immediately began manufacturing a line of fine bone china pieces after the announcement while Royal Crown Derby has been putting the finishing touches to pre-prepared items including been small trays to a hand-painted peacock with flowers relating to the country and special occasions.

The Natural Sapphire Company in New York immediately started work on a replica of the engagement ring.

Retail expert at Verdict, Neil Saunders, said, “We believe the engagement could be worth between 12 million pounds and 18million pounds in merchandise sales alone. If, as expected, the wedding is a big set piece event, it could well capture the nation’s imagination and provide a fillip to the retail sector.”

Not just souvenir shops, but also the tourism industry is likely to get a thrust too. Sandie Dawe of VisitBritain said, “The couple studied at St Andrews and spend time at Balmoral so that is a wonderful boost for Scotland and they live in Wales which has fantastic scenery and awe-inspiring castles.”

Those wanting a memento of the wedding of Charles and Camilla could select a fine bone china mug featuring two entwined letter Cs, a tea towel featuring the happy couple’s faces on a Union Jack background and plastic Charles and Camilla place mats. (ANI)

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