Munter urges Bashir to certify diplomatic status of Davis to end US-Pak standoff

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ISLAMABAD - US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter has urged Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Secretary Salman Bashir to certify the diplomatic status of double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis to bring the deepening diplomatic standoff to an end.

Ambassador Munter called on Bashir and sought an early certification from Pakistan’s Foreign Office with the view that Islamabad and Washington could devote their time and energy to other vital issues, The Nation quoted sources privy to these developments, as saying.

The US envoy reiterated that Davis enjoyed diplomatic immunity, therefore, he should be released immediately under the Vienna Convention.

On this, Bashir told him that the matter was sub judice and could only be decided by the court of law, and also emphasised that one man should not drive the 60-year-old relations between the two key allies in war against terrorism.

Bashir also hoped that the trilateral meeting among the US, Pakistan and Afghanistan, which was postponed last week, would be rescheduled as soon as possible because such meetings were important for peace and security in the region.

Washington has been pressurising Islamabad with threats ranging from snapping of diplomatic ties to suspension of economic assistance to secure the release of Davis, the report said.owever, the report added, the Government of Pakistan fears severe reaction from the public and opposition parties owing to anti-American sentiments in the country even if it wanted to oblige Washington. (ANI)

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