KATHMANDU - Bijeta Shrestha wanted to change the world, end injustice and help establish a classless society - as a Maoist. Today she is a cooking assistant at a hotel in Kathmandu, stoically watching the top leaders of her own party attend lavish dinners, unmindful of thousands like her who have to survive on NRs.3,000 a month.
TEHRAN - Iran's opposition leaders have said that their planned anti-government march on Monday will go ahead, as they see it as an expression of their solidarity with the Egyptian people.
JERUSALEM - The alarm and anxiety that was quite visible in Israel last week as the revolution in Egypt was unfolding, leading to the eventual exit of President Hosni Mubarak who was seen as Jerusalem's staunchest regional ally, appears to be receding and giving way to nuanced admiration for the Egyptian people and sympathy for their cause.
SANA - Young Yemeni protesters have reportedly squared off against security forces, with some marching to the presidential palace in Sana in the hope of repeating and emulating the revolution in Egypt.
TUNIS - Tunisians are celebrating the one-month anniversary of the toppling of their authoritarian president, Zine al- Abidine Ben Ali, but the country's travails are showing signs of going out of control.
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