KABUL - Both Pakistan and Iran are known to be supporting the Taliban, and they play out their antagonism against the United States on Afghan soil, with safe terrorist havens in Pakistani tribal areas being a major factor behind the latest suicide terror attacks in neighbouring Afghanistan.

KABUL - International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) chief General David Petraeus has ordered an investigation into claims that an army unit trained in psychological operations was told to manipulate American senators to get more money and troops for the Afghan war.

KABUL - The United States military is planning a significant repositioning of its troops that would reduce the number of bases in eastern Afghanistan, which was once central to its campaign against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

KABUL - Human Rights groups worry that Afghan government-run shelters will be disastrous for women and girls fleeing abuse.

KABUL - Golab Mangal, the Governor of Helmand province in Afghanistan, has said that the US-funded militia would be expanded in his province to strengthen its ongoing fight against the Taliban.
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