WASHINGTON - India's Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao today said that the second round of the Indo-US Strategic Dialogue will start in Delhi on April 6, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading the American side.
WASHINGTON - Thanking the United States for its support for India's bid for UN Security Council permanent membership, Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao today said that Washington's support came at an opportune moment, as New Delhi saw new momentum for a long-mooted proposal to expand the UNSC.
WASHINGTON - Pakistan has been excluded from the high-level Afghan-Pak-US trilateral meeting, as the United States and Afghanistan have decided to hold bilateral talks on the same scheduled dates.
WASHINGTON - The United States has assured India of finding a fair solution for the Indian students caught in the Tri-Valley University visa fraud scam.
CANBERRA - Australian Resource Minister Martin Ferguson has said that the Labor party needs to allow "flexibility and discretion" to its current uranium sales policy, so that the metallic chemical elements could be exported to India.
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