WASHINGTON - A shop in London is selling ice cream containing human breast milk. The shop in Covent Garden used milk donated by a UK mom to make the "totally natural" treat.
LONDON - Oil prices dropped below 100 dollars on rumors that Muammar al-Gaddafi, who is desperately clinging to his role as leader of Libya, was shot by a soldier in Tripoli.
JODHPUR - Rajasthan's medical and health department has launched a probe into the deaths of atleast 13 pregnant women after they were allegedly administered contaminated Intravenous (IV) fluid.
ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has cited a US Senate report "Avoiding water wars in South and Central Asia", released on February 22, as vindication of its stance that building of dams by India on the western rivers was in violation of the Indus Waters Treaty.
AHMEDABAD - A special court in Ahmedabad is slated to pronounce the quantum of punishment for the 31 convicts in the 2002 Godhra train burning case today.
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