CUBA - Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has said that America is not worried about maintaining peace in Libya but is more concerned about country's oil reserves.

HAVANA - When Fidel Castro suddenly decided to shed his trademark olive green military fatigues and don street clothes in public for the first time in 35 years, a white guayabera shirt over blue slacks is what he put on.

HAVANA - Fidel Castro gave his longest speech since illness forced him from power four years ago, but limited his comments on Tuesday to describing Cuba's past and avoided any mention of the tumultuous economic changes the country is embarking on under his brother's leadership.

HAVANA - The wife of an American contractor detained in Cuba for nine months on suspicion of spying has been allowed to come to the island and visit him, two people familiar with the case said Thursday.

HAVANA - Fidel Castro has met with hundreds of Japan-based activists who came to Cuba in what they call a Peace Boat to promote global peace and human rights.
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