MQM calls on Pak Army to save country from clutches of ‘feudal lords’

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder-leader Altaf Hussain has called upon the Pakistan Army to save the beleaguered country.

Making a telephonic address from London at the 24th foundation day of the MQM Labour Division, Altaf said he was inviting the army to save Pakistan, and stressed that he had never met the army generals late night in the dark, but was addressing them on a loudspeaker at a public meeting.

He said that those generals who would not support the feudal lords who had looted the national wealth would be declared patriotic generals, The News reports.

The MQM founder called upon the “patriotic army generals” to come on ground to save the oppressed people of Pakistan, who he said were facing a severe economic crisis.

He told the army generals and policemen that time was running out, and that they should support the masses and hold the feudal lords and the looters of the national wealth accountable for the crisis.

Altaf said he was not inviting the Army for martial law, but urging them to come forward for the solidarity and integrity of Pakistan, and that the nation would be saved if they acted in a swift manner.

The Army should think that poor people of this country got nothing in last 63 years except hunger, sky rocketing prices and suicides, therefore it was high time that army generals came forward and did some practical work for the poor people of the country, he added.

Referring to the revolutions being witnessed these days in the Arab countries, he said they had been only been brought by armies, which extended support to the masses and defied the imperial rulers. (ANI)

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