Indian Govt to set minimum wages for workers wanting to work in UAE

Friday, February 18, 2011

DUBAI - India’s Ambassador in UAE MK Lokesh has said that the Indian Government is soon expected to set minimum wages for skilled and unskilled workers, wanting to work in the United Arab Emirates.

The Indian Embassy is collecting information about standard salaries offered to Indians in other Gulf countries.

Once the online attestation procedure as proposed by the Indian embassy for recruitment of skilled and unskilled workers comes into effect, these workers who need immigration clearance from embassy will only get the clearance if the job offers allow benefits as much as the set minimum wage or more, The Gulf News reports.

Lokesh said the minimum wages scheme will be put in place soon, and will have to also be approved by the Ministry of Overseas Affairs in India.

The minimum wage scheme is expected to be put in place within a month or two.

According to the embassy, unskilled workers in the UAE such as labourers, cleaners, messengers, helpers, waiters, houseboys, cooks and so on currently receive 600 to 650 dirhams monthly on average.

Semi-skilled workers such as masons, carpenters, goldsmiths, electricians etc get 700 to 750 dirhams. Skilled workers such as masons, plumbers, chefs, hairdresser, insulator, fabricator, seaman, tailors, mechanics etc get 950 to 1,000 dirhams.

With increase in cost of living over the years, the minimum wages will be set higher than these existing standards. (ANI)

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