Kate Middleton’s wedding dress ‘will be modest’

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LONDON - Fashion designer Bruce Oldfield has predicted that royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton will wear a ‘modest’ dress on her wedding day that will cover up any bare flesh.

On the US breakfast show Good Morning America, Oldfield, who is believed to have won the coveted commission to create Middleton’s bridal gown, said Prince William’s fiancee’s outfit will have sleeves but will still provoke a strong reaction from the watching world, reports the Daily Mail.

In keeping with the tradition of past royal weddings, most famously Diana, Princess of Wales’s wedding, she will also wear a veil.

But for the evening dinner and dance, hosted by her future father-in-law the Prince of Wales, Middleton will change into another dress, he said.

When asked if there would be two dresses on the wedding day, Oldfield replied ‘yes’ but remained tight-lipped about his sources and whether he had been commissioned to create the wedding gown.

He predicted that the marriage outfit, despite being demure, would still cause a strong reaction when William’s fiancee arrives at Westminster Abbey for the ceremony on April 29th.

The designer said: ‘(Whatever) happens, there’s going to be a sharp intake of breath, “Shhh - oh my God, what is she wearing” or, “Oh, doesn’t she look fabulous?”

“I’m sure the dress is going to be modest in terms of coverage - it has to be. It will have sleeves, it has to have sleeves.

“You can’t walk down Westminster Abbey in a strapless dress. It just wouldn’t happen. It has to suit the grandeur of that aisle, it’s enormous. I can predict she will wear a veil,” he added. (ANI)

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