Brit man drowns in bath as wife cheats on him with stepson in hotel

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LONDON - A man in Britain is said to have drowned in his bath while his wife was having a fling with her stepson in a hotel room.

Ray Lee, 52, was found dead by his 23-year-old son, also called Ray, and his second wife Ilona Lee, 38, a mother-of-two, after they returned from a tryst in a hotel room.

Ex-bank manager Lee had started the affair with her stepson after he moved in to share their home in Pontypool, South Wales, and she called her husband of five years ‘Big Ray’ and stepson her ‘Little Ray’.

“Before my partner’s death I had been having an affair with his son Little Ray. At the beginning there was nothing going on between us, but the relationship became deeper,” the Daily Mail quoted Lee as telling the inquest.

“I’m one 100 percent sure Big Ray didn’t know about the relationship I was having with Little Ray. Little Ray and I continued to see each other after Big Ray’s death,” she stated.

A police investigation was launched into the mystery death but an inquest heard the reason why he drowned “remains unclear”.

Police treated the death as suspicious and questioned 25 witnesses, but detectives were unable to prove a crime had been committed.

The Newport inquest heard Big Ray was “on a cocktail of prescription drugs” for severe back pain after he was crushed by a dumper truck in an industrial accident in 1990.

The hearing was told he mixed his medication with cocaine, Ecstasy and amphetamines for pain relief.

A post mortem examination showed Big Ray drowned, and drugs may have affected his consciousness and judgment when the incident happened in October 2008. (ANI)

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