29-yr-old layabout ‘can’t wait’ to become Britain’s youngest grandpa

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LONDON - A 29-year-old jobless father is claiming that he is set to create a record as Britain’s youngest grandfather.

He will achieve the title as soon as his schoolgirl daughter - now aged 14 and 11 weeks pregnant - gives birth.he man, whose identity is being kept anonymous to protect his young daughter speaks of how he became a father back in 1996 when he was just 14.

“It’s like history repeating itself. I quite like the idea of being the youngest grandad in Britain. I know myself how tough it is being a teenage parent and now she has to go through the same thing,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

However, there’s a little catch - when he turns 30 on July 22, he will miss out on the title held by Dale Wright, from Warwickshire, who was 29 when his son Stephen became a father in 1997.

Little does this man know that in order to be able to win the title from Mr. Wright, his daughter would have to deliver her baby at between 35 and 36 weeks.

“We were not going to force her into doing anything else. We don’t want her to hate us. She is not the only girl at her school to become pregnant or have a baby. We don’t blame the lad who got her pregnant - it takes two,” he says. (ANI)

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