Meet the 2-yr-old boy who is world’s youngest pole dancer

Saturday, January 22, 2011

LONDON - The world’s youngest pole dancer, a two-year-old boy, showed some of his moves at an event in New York, under the approving gaze of his mother.

Kayne Michael Benford, who was introduced to the dance by his mother Ryssa, could be seen in a video clip posted on YouTube, gyrating and then laying on the floor with his legs apart.

The clip, which was filmed at Pole in the Park event at Union Square in New York organised by the America Pole Fitness Association, shows his mother cheering him on from the sidelines before joining him.

Ryssa is seen spinning around over his head while he moved his body up and down against the pole.

Tinu Naija, founder of the America Pole Fitness Association, said the moment when Kayne got up on stage was “beautiful”.

“He was actually joined by another young boy for a little while and they two of them were just brilliant,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“Nobody expected it and the crowd went crazy. They were doing things that I could not even do. When kids get on the pole it’s like a playground for them, so natural,” she stated.

Naija dismissed suggestions that involving children so young in pole dancing was sexualising them at too young an age.

“There is the sport side to what we do and the entertainment side and we keep them very different - we’re all about the fitness,” she said.

“I’ve seen gymnastics at the Olympics and a lot of the pole moves are exactly the same as the ones taught in pole fitness,” she added. (ANI)

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