Vibrant Gujarat Summit concludes

Friday, January 14, 2011

AHMEDABAD - Dedicating the fifth Vibrant Gujarat Summit (VGS) to youth and women, Chief Minister Narendra Modi has said the state would soon lead india’s economic development and also compete with the developed nations.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the VGS here, Modi said the investor event was not for industries alone. The event will also inspire corporates to invest in the social sector.

“Gujarat dreams big and the summit confirms the state’s capacity to realise those dreams. Government alone cannot bring qualitative changes in the society, but people can. If the gap between the government and society gets bridged, the state can scale new heights,” he added.

He further said that through VGS around 34 corporate houses have come forward to build up economic ties with the state government for providing training and jobs to thousands of people especially women.

“India’s top 34 multinational companies, corporate houses have tied up with the Gujarat government.

These 34 companies will invest 20 thousand crore rupees in the State and around 15 lakh women would be trained and given jobs,” he added.

Modi also said that Gujarat has emerged as role model for other states in terms of economic growth and has emerged as the largest platform for national as well as international companies for long-term investment.

“The discussion that is going on is that all the states of the country want to develop as Gujarat did. This discussion brings pride to us,” he added.

Around 101 countries and over 1400 foreign delegates participated in the summit and 350 speakers of national and international repute held discussions on economic growth.

According to media reports, as many as 7,936 memorandums of understandings (MOU), committing to huge investments was signed during the two-day biennial summit organised by the state government. (ANI)

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