Australian floods death toll rises to 15

Thursday, January 13, 2011

SYDNEY - Another person has fallen victim to the devastating floods in Australia, with the toll now standing at 15.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the body of a male was found in Myall Creek in Queensland this afternoon.

The total number of missing people is now 61, with grave fears for another 12.

News of the latest death comes just hours after Brisbane city recorded its first casualty - a 24-year-old male believed to have been sucked into a drain.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Stephen Smith has said that troops are moving into flood-devastated areas to carry out rescue operations.
“We’ll announce further contribution of high wheel-based army trucks which can get better access in difficult conditions. Also, a deployment of Bushmaster (armoured transport) vehicles for the same purpose,” Smith said.
“But we’re also looking at providing a small number of amphibious vehicles who can manoeuvre in the floodwaters, particularly as the floodwaters start to recede, but where vehicle access remains very difficult,” he added.

Most of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone after weeks of heavy rains and flooding that has displaced thousands of people across the state.

Flood waters in Brisbane peaked early Thursday, threatening thousands of homes in Australia’s third largest city. (ANI)

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