New Zealander denies having illicit sex with two women in Dubai

Thursday, February 17, 2011

DUBAI - A New Zealander has dismissed the accusation of having consensual sex with his current girlfriend, a British woman, and his ex-girlfriend, a Brazilian woman.

The two women, 31-year-old Briton, D.S., and 25-year-old Brazilian, P.F. were charged with allowing the 33-year-old, T.C., to have illicit sex with them, reports Gulfnews.

T.C. was also accused of having consensual sex with each of the two women.

According to law enforcement records, the incident took place when P.F. walked into her ex-lover’s flat and busted him in bed with his new girlfriend, D.S., shortly after he broke up with her.

However, the Brazilian woman has pleaded not guilty. When she appeared before the Dubai Court of Misdemeanor, she strongly refuted the charges of allowing T.C. to have out-of-wedlock sex with her and of threatening her crime accomplices at knifepoint.

“I got drunk,” confessed P.F. when she stood before Presiding Judge Abdullah Khlaif Abu Zaid in courtroom 5.

“Not guilty,” D.S. contended when the judge leveled against her the charge of consensual sex.

The New Zealander, T.C., also pleaded not guilty and dismissed the accusation of having sex with the two women.

The court reconvenes on February 27. (ANI)

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