India’s effort to evolve environmental friendly technologies

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NEW DELHI - Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Dr. C.P. Joshi today said that we should develop the capacity of making the right choices of environmental friendly technology, confirming synergy between research and product development.

Addressing at the International Seminar on “Reducing Carbon Footprint in Road Construction” organized by Indian Road Congress (IRC) and World Roads Association (PIARC) here, Joshi said: “For sustainable development, we have to evolve innovative green alternate materials and environmental friendly technologies without compromising natural and ecological balances.”

He further said that technologies are changing at a fast pace, so we must be open to new ideas and must be able to learn from our experiences.

He expressed his concern on the climate change, one of the most critical challenges of our times.

“The climate change and global warming due to pollution and equivalent increase in carbon footprint threaten entire human existence and has been rightly taken quite earnestly by global leaders,” he said.

Dr. Joshi said that the economic development is required for poverty reduction. At the same time, development also leads to increased greenhouse gas pollution caused by the resulting growth in vehicular traffic, energy use and other related activities.

“Greenhouse gas pollution and local air pollution threaten to undermine development with the increasing evidence of their adverse environment and health impacts. Transportation is the fastest growing sector and at the same time major contributor to global climate change, accounting for 23 per cent of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions,” he added.

Lauding the role of IRC, he said that it has played a crucial role in development of standards, specifications, codes of practices, guidelines and dissemination of knowledge and expertise for the construction of roads and bridges in the country.

Dr. Joshi said that IRC has entered into an MOU with the PIARC and this International Seminar is a sequel to this MOU. (ANI)

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