Final journey of 135 Hindus from Pakistan ends after 40 years

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ATTARI - A twelve-member delegation of Hindus from Pakistan on Thursday returned to Pakistan after performing last rituals at Haridwar of 135 dead relatives. The ashes of these 135 persons had to wait for the last rituals in Pakistan due to visa restrains.

For last 40 years the members of the Hindu community have been trying to convince the authorities in India and Pakistan to let them take the ashes to Ganga.

All the members of the delegations are from Karachi and the delegation was led by Ramnath Mishra, the mahant of Panch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir in Karachi. The delegation left for Pakistan through Samjhauta Express.

The members of the delegation have urged the Government of India and Pakistan to ease the visa norms for the religious purpose.

Talking to Asian New International, Ramnath said that it took about three years for them to get the final nod from the Governments of India and Pakistan to perform the last rituals of the 135 persons who died in Pakistan.

He urged for the visa relaxation from both the Governments for the religious purpose.

Kamla Devi another member of the delegation informed that as there is no place in Pakistan to perform the rituals so they have no other place than Haridwar. She appealed the government of India to make necessary amendments in the Visa procedure to facilitate the minority community in Pakistan. By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)

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