Kerry urges Pak to free Davis, promises criminal investigation against him in US

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ISLAMABAD - US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John F. Kerry has voiced regret for the killings of two Pakistani men by an American official in Lahore, and sought to reassure the Pakistanis by announcing that the United States would launch its own probe into the matter.

“I want to come here to express our deepest regret for those tragic events and to express the sorrow of American people for the loss of life that has taken place,” SAMAA TV quoted Kerry, as saying.

“I’ve come here to listen. I haven’t come here to order anybody to do anything; I haven’t come here to dictate,” he added.

Kerry, who was dispatched by the Obama administration on Monday night “to meet with senior Pakistani government officials and to reaffirm US support for the strategic relationship between the two countries,” reiterated Washington’s stance that Raymond Davis should be freed under diplomatic immunity.

He also assured that a complete investigation would be carried out in the US, and that proper action would be taken against Davis by the US Justice Department.

“I can give you the assurance that our Department of Justice will conduct a criminal investigation… and let that facts speak for themselves,” he said.

“Let’s work together as two countries which have a huge common interest, who are working together toward the same goal and find a path forward,” the US Senator added.

However, Pakistan has insisted so far that the case should be dealt with by its courts, and the Lahore High Court is expected to reconvene on Thursday after giving the Foreign Ministry 15 days to answer on Davis’ immunity status. (ANI)

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