Pune farmers protest to lift the ban on onion export

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PUNE - Hundreds of farmers of Maharashtra in western India, engaged in cultivating onions, gathered at Pune to stage a protest rally demanding withdrawal of ban on export of their produce.

Farmers said that the government has failed to lift the embargo on export though onion prices have now come down in the domestic market sine there has been ample stock of fresh onions in the market.

Further they contended that the government must realise the farmers wish to reap the fruits of their labour.

“The main reason for the protest organised today by the farmers is that the cost of growing onion crop is much higher than that of the amount in which onions are being sold in the public auction. This incurs huge losses for the farmers,” said Narendra Ladker, a farmer.

Valmiki Javalkar, another onion grower said that they would continue with their protest until the farmers get the right price for their crop.

“We would continue to protest until and unless we get the right price for our onions,” stated Javalkar.

The current of rate onion is rupees 60 for 10 kilograms whereas the farmers are demanding rupees 150 for 10 kilograms.

On Friday (February 11) Pune farmers asked the state government to take decision regarding lifting ban on the export of onions within 48 hours.he farmers also challenged government that failing to do so would result in the agitation being intensified.

However, federal Farm Minister Sharad Pawar and chief of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan have reportedly assured the farmers that the ban would be lifted soon. (ANI)

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