Pakistani stalker of JFK’s granddaughter wants to go to trial

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NEW YORK - The Pakistani man, who has been stalking President John F Kennedy’s granddaughter, wants to take the case to court.

Naeem Ahmed, 41, has told a court appointed psychiatrist that he wants to take his case before a jury, meaning 20-year-old Tatiana Schlossberg would have to testify against him in a Manhattan courtroom.

Ahmed has told a Manhattan judge that he doesn’t want the plea deal being offered by prosecutors, as it would have put him in jail for two months and require three years of probation and mental health treatment.

“He indicates he will go to trial,” the New York Post quoted psychiatrist Dr. Myles Schneider as writing in an assessment dated February 7.

“He indicates that in his opinion, there has been over-prosecution,” he stated.

Ahmed was charged in early December with misdemeanour stalking for a two-year series of creepy emails and letters, one signed “Your Hubby”, to the daughter of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

Ahmed bombarded Tatiana and her family with e-cards, flowers, balloons and e-mails, calling her his “dearest” and his “Hunny Bunny”, revealed the complaint against him.

“I will never do it again - I’m sorry… Nobody told me-not try to stop me,” Ahmed told Dr. Schneider, according to the assessment.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” he then told the doctor, adding of the Schlossbergs, “I love them.”

Dr. Ankur Saraiya, in a second assessment included in the report, agreed that Ahmed was able to understand the charges against him and could assist in his own defense, while noting that the patient is “verbose and overly inclusive”. (ANI)

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