eHarmony: ‘using science to find love’ - but does it really work?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WASHINGTON - A new trend started by websites like and promises to find you the love of your life by using science - but does it work?

According to eHarmony’s website, its marriage profile, “developed by a team of clinical experts… is rooted in classical psychometric theory, which uses well-established standards to measure mental abilities and traits in a reliable way,” reports Discovery News.

However, these tests are yet to be scientifically proven.

Also, the website doesn’t cater to same-sex partners because founder Neil Clark Warren, an evangelical Christian, does not believe homosexuality should be encouraged.

Steven Carter, director of research at eHarmony, offered little or no scientific support for the tests’ claims, but he did state that “to date, we estimate that over 9,000 eHarmony couples have married.”

But how many such liaisons were successful?

If, by one estimate, there are over 20 million eHarmony members looking for matches or marriage, 9,000 is not really that impressive a success ratio.

Neither has Warren published any research in peer-reviewed journals on the subjects of marriage or relationships.

It’s not impossible to find your love online but if people are choosing certain dating websites because they believe that there is some validated science behind the matching, beware. (ANI)

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