5 people you should avoid dating at work

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WASHINGTON - Things really can go wrong when you become romantically involved with someone at your workplace - and what matters the most is who you’re dating.

A new Vault.com survey of more than 2,000 workers found that of those who have had an office fling or romance (59 percent), 30 percent said it affected their personal or professional relationships with other co-workers.

Eighteen percent said their workplace dalliance led them or their romantic partner to leave the company.

According to ABC News, here’s a list of five people you should never date to avoid becoming one of these workplace-dating casualties.

1. The Intern

So much can go wrong when dating an intern, assistant or any other underling that such temptations are best left alone. If your colleagues find out about this office romance, there could be cries of favouritism.

2. The IT Guy or Gal

Nothing beats having your request for computer assistance rise to the top of the tech support queue. But fall out of favour with your technically inclined valentine and you’ll have to endure the tech support call of shame any time your computer has the hiccups.

3. The Boss

Throw sex, unrequited love and/or an ugly break-up into the mix and there’s no telling how far your professional reputation could plummet.

4. The Boss’s Spouse

Sleeping with a married co-worker is never a good idea. But sleeping with the boss’s significant other is nothing short of career suicide.

5. The Serial Dater

Cozy up to the office philanderer and you make yourself a prime target for professional gossip and hostility. Not only can your reputation plummet overnight, your colleagues may have a hard time taking you seriously. (ANI)

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