Some elements in Pak using religion for political gains: Zardari

Thursday, February 3, 2011

LAHORE - Some elements in Pakistan want to achieve political gains by using the name of religion, President Asif Ali Zardari has said.

Zardari made these comments while addressing over a hundred Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) parliamentarians from Punjab at a special meeting called by him at the Presidency, the Daily Times reports.

Sources said the president addressed the meeting for about an hour, and later took suggestions from the parliamentarians on various national issues.

During his address to the PPP parliamentarians, Zardari said some elements were trying to use religion for political purposes, adding that they must look into their agenda and find out who was taking advantage of it.

Speaking about a procession recently taken out in Lahore in favour of the blasphemy law, Zardari, without naming any leader of any party, said a number of people had attended the procession just to get the support of a specific class.

According to the sources, the president assured the parliamentarians that his party would continue the politics of reconciliation and would not give a chance to the forces that wanted to take a position against progressive elements.

Zardari also urged upon all political and religious parties in Pakistan to think in the larger interest of the country by shunning their personal differences. (ANI)

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