Five injured in Kolkata building collapse

Thursday, February 3, 2011

KOLKATA - At least five persons got injured when a three-storey building collapsed in India Exchange Place, the busy and crowded central business district here on Thursday.

Santosh Pathak, Councillor of Kolkata City Corporation, claimed that he rushed to the spot and witnessed how the other portion of the building also crumbled.

“We got information that a part of the building has collapsed. We came here running. When we came here we saw some photographers and mediapersons. We were observing the building when suddenly a part of the building collapsed again we were saved by the God’s grace,” said Pathak.

“We thank God that around 15-20 people who were standing there could have died but we were saved miraculously,” he added.

The injured were rushed to the nearby hospital where two of the five injured were reported to be in critical condition.

The locals said that they were taken by surprise when suddenly the building began to collapse and instantly they ran outside to save themselves.

“The wall suddenly collapsed after I got outside to cook food after having bath. I could not see through the dust. It was very dark all around. I thank god that all my children had gone to school today as they were planning to stay at home last night. All the children leaving nearby were also saved,” said Madhumati, a resident of the collapsed building.

The police and fire brigade personnel also rushed to the spot for the rescue operations. (ANI)

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