Cyclone Yasi’s Oz ground zero looks like Vietnam in ‘Apocalypse Now’: Eyewitness

Thursday, February 3, 2011

BRISBANE - The scene at Cyclone Yasi’s ground zero in Australia has been described by one businessman as “apocalyptic”.

In Mission Beach, Queensland, where the tropical cyclone made landfall, wind gusts were estimated at 290 km/h.

David Brook, the manager of the Elandra Resort in Mission Beach, said that the area now looked like “Vietnam (in the war movie) Apocalypse Now”.

“Nothing’s been spared. The devastation is phenomenal, like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Brook, as saying.

Police who endured the cyclone’s fury in the small village said that trees had been reduced to sticks, streets were littered with debris, and some buildings had been damaged.

“We’ve been in lockdown since 7pm (on Wednesday). It’s still roaring out there, but nothing what it was like last night,” Sergeant Dan Gallagher said.

“I have never been through anything as severe as this, but we were all positive and supportive and got each other through this. We’re happy. We all have a smile on our faces and can say ‘we got through this’,” he added.

In the hours after the storm’s passage, police were unable to venture beyond their station grounds as the situation had yet to be declared safe.

Most of the beach had lost its sand and every structure was damaged to some degree.

No reports of fatalities or injuries were received. (ANI)

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