TUNIS - Aid workers in Tunisia are reportedly facing a "migration tsunami", with reports saying that thousands of people have poured across the border from Libya claiming that they had fled to save themselves from Colonel Muamar Gaddafi's loyalists.

TUNIS - With authoritarian rule coming to an end in Tunisia, the interim government is faced with a delicate situation in deciding the role of Islam in the nation's politics.

TUNIS - In an attempt to show force, Islamic fundamentalists burnt down a street of brothels in Tunis.

TUNIS - Tunisians are celebrating the one-month anniversary of the toppling of their authoritarian president, Zine al- Abidine Ben Ali, but the country's travails are showing signs of going out of control.

TUNIS - Fruit and vegetable seller Mohammed Bouazizi, who burnt himself in the center of Tunis after police confiscated his produce because he ahd no permit, is today seen as a hero by the people of Tunisia.
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