‘We are trying to seek general autonomy for Tibet’, says Dalai Lama

Sunday, February 13, 2011

JAIPUR - Denying the accusations of the Chinese Government, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has said that an attempt is being made to seek general autonomy for entire Tibet.

Addressing a gathering on ‘Ethics for the new Millennium’ in Jaipur on Saturday, Dalai Lama said one of the accusations that the Chinese Government has levelled against them is that they are demanding a ‘Greater Tibet’.

He, however, said that they have been misunderstood, as they never used the word rather it was the Chinese Government, who used the word.

“We are trying to seek general autonomy, that also entire Tibetan area. The Chinese Government has one of the accusations that we are demanding ‘Greater Tibet’. We never used this word Greater Tibet,” said Dalai Lama.

“This Chinese Government has put this new word ‘Greater Tibet’. A misunderstanding I think has developed,” he added.

The Tibetan leader further said Chinese are insisting on one particular part of Tibet called ‘She Tang’ (West Tibet), but they (Tibetans) come from all over Tibet.

“Chinese word, they name the autonomous region of Tibet ‘She Tang’. She means West, Tang means Tibet. So, they are other Tibetans, the western part of Tibet, so She Tang. So, they somehow depict this word She Tang on particular area,” said Dalai Lama.

Besides struggling to ensure that Tibet gets true autonomy, Dalai Lama said his other two commitments in life are promoting human values and religious amity.

Expressing his wish to retire completely, he said things in this regard will be clear within a few months. (ANI)

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