US woman accused of assaulting cop with sex toy calls it self-defence

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MELBOURNE - An Illinois woman accused of allegedly attacking a police officer with a sex toy has said that she was acting in self-defence.

According to Trib Local, Carolee Bildsten was arrested in last December for failing to appear at a hearing regarding the November incident.

The 57-year-old had allegedly charged toward an officer with a ‘clear, rigid feminine pleasure device’ when he went to her apartment after she was accused of skipping out on a restaurant tab.

Bildsten has now denied that she attacked the officer, saying she only ‘instinctively raised it up in a defensive move’, reports the Courier Mail.

She told Trib Local that she became ‘a little bit afraid’ when the officer came to her apartment.

“I got scared. And the only thing in my sock drawer besides my socks and my cash was a dildo,” she said.mployees at Joe’s Crab Shack in Gurnee, located in the Chicago metropolitan area, said Bildsten left the restaurant without paying for a second time.

But she said in an interview on Tuesday that she had mistakenly left her credit card at home because she ‘wanted to travel light’ that night.

She said she told the bartender she would retrieve the money at her home and return to pay her bill.

Admittedly intoxicated and suffering from a broken foot, Bildsten began walking to her apartment, but tripped and fell on her way home.

The officer involved in the incident first encountered Bildsten lying in the grass. Bildsten said he was ‘kind enough to take me home’, so she could retrieve her wallet.

According to a police report, once home, she reached into a dresser drawer for what the officer believed was money to pay the bill, but instead pulled out the sex toy and charged toward the officer.

The officer deflected the attack with his hand and was not injured.

Bildsten now intends to plead not guilty to aggravated assault at a hearing on Thursday at the Lake County courthouse in Waukegan. (ANI)

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