Bad Weather Leads To School Closings In Georgia

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Thursday, December 16, 2010

ATLANTA ( Many schools remained closed on Wednesday in North Georgia and Atlanta following bad weather conditions in the region. School closings were decided by the school authorities keeping in mind the cases of accidents that are very common on the roads owing to extreme weather condition. The region has been steeped in snow and strong winds are blowing constantly throughout the day in the region making it really difficult for people to travel on the roads.

Many guardians are wondering as to who takes the decision for the school closings. In case you are still ignorant of the rules then you should keep it mind that school authorities take the decision after they consult with the local and state law enforcement agencies of the region. The Georgia Department of Education has a list of guidelines for the educational institutes regarding cases like this when bad weather conditions erupt. Whenever the area experiences any weather change like the one which is prevalent now the schools generally avoid holding classes. After all road conditions are extremely hazardous in Georgia.

A source reveals that no way are the schools going to take any risk for conducting classes on these days when the weather turns up to be extremely hostile making it almost impossible for the local residents to travel distances. The roads are icy and prone to accidents. School authorities know well as to how difficult it will be for school goers to come and attend classes in such condition. It is not only a problem on the part of the students but for the teachers and other staff as well. As a results schools closings are being maintained in Georgia right now.

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