Bangladeshi man in UAE lashed 100 times for sex with Filipina maid

Thursday, November 25, 2010

LONDON - A Bangladeshi man in UAE has been lashed 100 times for indulging in unlawful sex with his Flippina maid.

Apart from that punishment, a sharia court also ordered the pair to be deported after the harsh punishment meted out just 20 miles from Dubai in Sharjah.

Police arrested the couple after a house owner reported how she saw the man leave the home.

Both the maid - identified in court documents as N.M. - and her lover then admitted to unlawful sex and were handed the harsh punishment because they are both Muslims, reports the Daily Mail.

They admitted to having sex several times at the house owned by the maid’s sponsor, the employer who previously backed her to stay in the country.

The man is believed to have already undergone his punishment, sustaining horrendous welts on his back and legs.

But the man’s ordeal may not yet be over - it was reported that he might face a year in prison for illegally entering the sponsor’s home.

According to Sharia law if Muslims commit adultery they will be lashed and deported if they are expatriates, but non-Muslims will only be jailed and deported. (ANI)

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