Taiwanese tech-tree skyscraper complete with floating ‘leaf’ observatories

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LONDON - At first, it looks like a scene straight out off a Star Wars film, but the futuristic new Taiwanese skyscraper is set to dominate the skyline soon.

The 1000 feet high tower, called ‘Floating Observatories’, is to be built in Taichung, reports The Daily Mail.

It will have eight floating elevator observatories shaped like leaves, each of which will function like a lift to carry 80 people and will be designed in the shape of the Taiwan island.

The observatories will be built from a space-age lightweight material and glide on a vertical track positioned within a strong electromagnetic field.

The tower itself will contain a museum, offices as well as restaurants and an ‘urban park’.

“Starting from the ‘geographical’ visual of Taiwan - which is an island resembling a leaf - we have developed the concept of the technological tree: we have designed 8 spatial leaves (with eight being a propitious number in the local culture) in the form of zeppelin-like elevators which glide up and down the ‘tree trunk” and which serve the purpose of observation decks,” said Romanian architect Stefan Dorin, who designed the tower.

It will be packed with green technologies including turbines and solar cells as well as a geothermal power plant in the basement to provide heating and hot water.

“Even though the floating observatories design was influenced by the sci-fi computer gaming culture they are feasible and play a major role for the pathway of the tower’s museum by adding a new vertical dimension,” said Dorin.

“Seen from inside the museum, when they are nested, the floating observatories become themselves exhibits, fascinating proof of the present technological achievements.” (ANI)

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