Prince Charles states publicly that his wife Camilla could be Queen

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LONDON - Prince Charles has for the first time publicly stated that his wife Camilla could be crowned Queen.

The Prince of Wales was asked during a television interview if the Duchess of Cornwall would be made Queen if and when he comes to the throne or if she would be Princess Consort, and he gave a bumbling answer.

“That’s, that’s, we’ll see, won’t we? That could be,” the Daily Mail quoted him as replying.harles, 62, had married Camilla, 63, in April 2005 and since then courtiers have always been at great pains to insist that she would become his consort.

They are acutely sensitive to the public affection that still exists for Princess Diana, and to Camilla’s role in the break-up of her marriage to the prince.

Their fear is that if the public believe that Camilla is to be crowned Queen, it will damage the Royal Family.

Charles has always told friends and senior aides it is his wish for Camilla to be Queen, but this is the first time he has given any public expression of his desire.

A poll taken on the matter revealed that only 14 percent of the public think she should be crowned, compared with 52 percent who say she should not. (ANI)

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