Good-looking people really do earn more!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

LONDON - It is true - good-looking people do earn more than average-lookers.

The new illustrated version of Superfreakonomics, the world’s No1 bestseller - written by economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner, reveals staggering facts about modern life through economics.

It found that good looking people like Kate Moss earn five per cent more than average-lookers, who earn five to ten per cent more than below-average people, according to a study by economists Daniel Hamnermesh and Jeff Biddle.

Another recent study found that women who become men earn slightly more money after their gender swap, but men who become women make, on average, nearly a third less than their previous wage, reports the Sun.

Thought sharks are deadlier than elephants? The truth is that with a world of six billion people only around four a year are killed by sharks. But elephants kill around 200 people each year.

The book also reveals why a drunken walker is more likely to be killed than a drunk driver - The 237 million Americans aged over 16 walk 43billion miles a year. If one of every 140 miles is walked drunk - the number of miles that are driven drunk - then on a per-mile basis a drunk walker is eight times more likely to be killed.

And if you thought raw talent does exist - you may be wrong - for even Mozart didn’t hit his stride until he had 10,000 hours of practice.

Dr Michael Howe, of Exeter University, estimates that by his sixth birthday Mozart had studied 3,500 hours of music.

Superfreakonomics Illustrated Edition, 20 pounds, by Allen Lane, on sale on November 25. (ANI)

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