Female Indian Pashto singer in Sweden gaining worldwide popularity

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ISLAMABAD - A Pashto singer from Mumbai, India, who has settled in Sweden, is making a big name for herself.

Sharon Osser cannot speak Pashto fluently but she sings the songs so beautifully that she has gained in popularity, and she even released an album of Pashto remixes with another album set to hit the market soon.

Osser revealed she was born and raised in Mumbai, which is the commercial hub of India, and her father is an artist and has done paintings for various international galleries while her mother is a teacher.

“We are Maharashtrians and my mother tongue is Marathi. Surprisingly, Marathi shares several words with Pashto,” the News quoted her as saying.

“I used to sing along with various Bollywood music groups including Falguni Pathak and Johnny Lever,” she revealed.

“After shifting to Sweden I came into contact with Pashto singers and developed a passion for Pashto singing.

“I used to render Hindi songs with an Afghan music group and they encouraged me to try and sing in Pashto as well,” she recalled.

The singer said it was very difficult in the beginning but it became easier as she continued to learn the meaning and the pronunciation of Pashto words.

“The Pashto music has the basic ragas which are basically from Indian music. Thus it was not a big change in melody but only in language,” she said.

“I listened to songs by Gulnar Begum, Kishwar Sultan, Mahjabeen Qizilbash, Bakht Zamina, Shakeela Naz, Nazia Iqbal and Naghma,” she added. (ANI)

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